Meaning Of Environment In Hindi | Environmental Meaning in Hindi

Meaning of Environment – A set which is spread around us like a net. In which any living being, be it a human being or anything in the world, all are included. Friends, the word Environment is used as a synonym in the subject of Geography and Ecology.

Meaning Of Environment In Hindi – प्रिय पाठको, हम आपको बता दे पर्यावरण (Environment) शब्द की उत्पति संस्कृत भाषा से हुयी है. Environment (पर्यावरण) शब्द ‘परि’ और ‘आवरण’ जैसे दो शब्दों से मिलकर बना है. जिसमे ‘परि’ शब्द का अर्थ – चारों ओर होता है. परि शब्द उपसर्ग है.

Meaning Of Environment In Hindi

Environment = वातावरण

Environment in Hindi: वातावरण

Pronunciation =  Environment

Pronunciation in Hindi = एनवायरनमेंट

Environment Synonyms in Hindi – परिवेश, प्रकृति, निवास स्थान , जीवमंडल

Synonyms in English – Nature , Surroundings, Habitat, Biosphere

The word Environment is often used in the ecological sense. This English word Environment is derived from French language. This word was initially used for the general conditions around us. Meaning of Environment is from French language – State of being Environed.

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Meaning of environment

Meaning of Environment in Hindi – There are some questions which people or students often ask. This question is – What is the meaning of environment? , What is called environment? Therefore, in this article we are going to give you answers to these questions. Let’s start –

Let us tell you that environment means environment. This has become more problematic because earlier we had to understand the environment but now we have to understand the environment also. To Tension Friends, both are same. If we want to understand the environment well, then first we have to understand the environment.

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Environment is made up of two words. These words – circle and cover. Where pari means around, cover means to cover. That means, the things which surround us from all sides are called environment.

In simple words, we call the environment as nature. According to the people of the city, the environment is only what is spread around us. There are some people on this earth who consider the environment as their violence and who work for it and take care of it.

definition of environment

Definition of Environment in Hindi – Different teachers have given different definitions of Environment to the readers, which is as follows –

Definition of environment according to Holland

All the forces, circumstances and events that influence the development, maturity, nature, behavior and lifestyle of living beings are included in the environment. And with their help the environment is described.

Meaning Of Environment In Hindi According To Anastasia

There is environment and everything which affects a person apart from his life.

Definition of environment according to Douglas and Holland

The word environment is used to collectively describe all those forces, influences and conditions that affect the life, nature, behavior, intelligence, development and maturity of living beings.

Definition of environment according to Gisbert

That which surrounds an object from all sides and has a direct impact on it is the environment.

Definition of environment according to Boring, Veld and Langfield

Apart from genetics, the things that influence a person are the environment.

Meaning Of Environment In Hindi According To Mac Ivor

The creature itself, its structure of life, is the result of its past life and past environment. The environment is inherent even in the productive cells from the beginning of life.

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Definition of environment according to Ross

There are environment and external forces which influence us.

according to woodworth

All those external elements come into the environment which have influenced the person since the time he started life. से Meaning Of Environment In Hindi

The Hindi word environment is a combination of the words ‘pari’ and ‘avaran’. ‘Pari’ means – ‘all around’ and ‘cover’ means – ‘circle’ i.e. whatever is reflected around in nature such as air, water, soil, trees, plants and animals etc. are all parts of the environment. . According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English, environment means surrounding objects, conditions, circumstances or effects. In Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, environment means the conditions affecting development or growth. According to Section 2 (a) of the Country’s Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, environment includes air, water, land, human beings, other living beings, plants, micro-organisms and the interrelationships existing between them.

What is the Environment in Hindi ?

If we understand, then whatever physical environment is there on our earth is the environment. Everyone is included in this environment whether it is living or non-living.

Talking about living beings, we do not need to tell you which living beings are which? But we need to tell about the inanimate. The non-living things of the environment have 3 parts-

  • वायुमंडल (Atmosphere)
  • जल मंडल (Hydrosphere)
  • स्थल मंडल (Lithosphere)

What is Environment in English ?

Definition in English of Environment: the natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity or the water, land and air in or on which people, plants and animals live .

At Last

Dear readers, we have full hope that you have understood the Hindi meaning of Environment. You also agree with the information given by us on Meaning of Environment in Hindi. Friends, please share this information with your friends. Thank you

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