Top 5 Mobile Money Making Apps in Hindi

Money making mobile apps in India 2024 – In today’s era, who does not use mobile but all the people want to know how to earn money by themselves. We cannot survive just by doing jobs. We have to do something different, so sometimes we search for part time jobs on Google, YouTube or YouTube. Many people falsely claim to earn money and waste your time. So today I have brought for you how to earn money from your mobile. So let’s start today’s article.

Top 5 mobile money earning apps

Can money be earned sitting at home? Can real money be earned from mobile? Today I am going to tell you about some such apps. Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about Mobile Money Making Apps, so let’s start my blog today.

To earn online, first of all you must have an Android mobile phone. After that it is necessary to have 4G internet in your mobile. You must have passed 10th, only then you can earn lakhs of money from your mobile like other people. To earn money from mobile you have to follow some rules.

Rule No 1. In which you will have to receive applications. You will have to invest some money only then you can earn money. As a rule, you will have to invest more money sometimes and you will get success later.

Money Making Mobile Apps In India

All these apps can be easily obtained from Google Play Store.

There are many people who will tell you. Click on this website, you will be given so much money, you will be given free internet and as soon as you click on that website. So all your data goes to them. We will give you 5 such apps which are 100% secure. You can get a lot of money in real terms from those apps but you will have to work hard.

You can easily earn money sitting at home with these mobile apps. You just need to be connected to social networks because you have to send these apps to your friends. If they can also earn money with the help of these apps.

All you have to do is send them a link. As soon as they download that link, you will get some commission.

Name of Mobile Money Making Apps

1.  Dream 11
2.  Mpl
3.  Videobuddy
4   Meesho
5.  Dhani app

1. Dream 11 App

The first app is named Dream 11. You must be knowing about this. You must have heard from many people that in this app you have to select the player. Like there is a match between two teams, you have to choose different players from both the teams. If the players you have selected have scored good runs or played well then we get points for them. Our rank keeps moving according to them. According to the rank, money is made in points. If you choose good players then you will get a good income. It is a very good app. You must do it. In a special way, I will tell you about those apps through which I do it.

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2.   Mpl App

If I talk about another app, it is MPL, in this also you get a lot of money. There are two steps in this app. First in which you have to play games. Second, in which you have to invest money on players. You can play whatever game you want in this app. First you will have to pay to play those games like you have given your 5 rupees. If you win that game. If you reach 1st rank, your money will increase 10 times. That means if you have invested your 5 rupees then those 5 rupees will become 50 rupees. There are many games in this app. You can earn income by investing money on any app.

The second step is Same 2 Same Dream 11, in this also you have to bet money on the players. If your rank is good then you will benefit a lot. Believe me, this is a very good app. If you want to know more about it then you can also search on YouTube.

3. Videobuddy App

The most amazing and funniest app named Videobuddy, you can earn lakhs of money from this app. You will be given different tasks in this app which you have to complete. Like you will be asked to listen to songs. You will get paid for listening to songs. The more songs you listen to, the more money you will get. You have to complete many tasks.

If you get this app. So Rs 50 will come as soon as you receive it. If you share this app with people. So you get money for that also. If you send the link of your app on WhatsApp or other social networks. To whomever you have sent the link, Rs 20 will be collected from you. Similarly, the more people got that app from your link. So you will get more money just like that. Therefore, if you want to earn money from mobile then definitely get this app.

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4.  Meesho  App

You can earn a lot of money from this application also. Whose name is Meesho. With this app you have to add people. The company gives you different products to sell. Which you have to sell. You sold those products to people. So you will be given some commission in return. He buys the products. So you will get that item for less money than the market price.

I also use this app. If you are also searching for Money Making Mobile Apps. You can earn better money by using this app. If you want more information about it, you can also search about it on YouTube.

5. Dhani App

This app was promoted by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Therefore, in this app you will be paid only for playing games.

There are many games in this app. The most special thing about this app is that you can earn money in it without investing any money. Even if you share the link of your app with people, you still get income. If received the link you sent. So you will get 20% commission. These are very easy games. If you want, you can earn up to Rs 5000 a day with the help of this app.

In Short

Hope you have liked my article (Top 5 Mobile Money Making Apps in Hindi). If you are facing any problem or any kind of problem in earning money in any app. So you can tell me by commenting

You should also tell your friends about these apps so that they too can earn money sitting at home from their mobile.

Note – Use all these mobile apps at your discretion. Our website will not be responsible for any untoward incident.

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