Zalim Lotion Use And Side Effects In Hindi | How To Prevent Side Effects

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Welcome Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about a topic related to health. We can call it medical related information. This is information about Zalim Lawson. Jalim Losan is available at any medical store. It is not even that expensive. Anyone can buy it easily.

This gentle lotion is considered useful in curing fungal infections like itching and scabies occurring in our body. Today’s topic is Zalim Lotion Use And Side Effects In Hindi. So without any delay let us start with the complete information about Zalim Lotion.

What is Zalim Lotion ?  

Using cruel laws has become a common practice. Because people keep having skin related problems. Fungus and itching have become quite common. Jalim Losan is a panacea for it. Its liquid is green in colour. Its Gandhi is also fast. You say that this is no less than poison. Jalim Losan is applied only on the skin. Do not drink it even by mistake like medicine.

4/5 chemicals are used in making Zalim Lotion. The company claims that this brand has been around since 1929. Jalim Losan is manufactured by Oriental Chemical Works.

Ingredients for making Zalim Lotion

  • Phenol -2ml 
  • Salicylic Acid – 10g.
  • Tincture Lodine -3ml 
  • Crystal Violet – 0.1g. 
  • Cassia Tora -5ml 

Salicylic Acid – This acid burns any ringworm, scabies, itching etc.

Phenol – You must have heard its name. It is used for cleaning in our homes.

Crystal Violet – This is anti-septic medicine. It is used in ringworm, fungus and other types of skin problems.

Cassia Tora – Friends, Cassia Tora is used in the fields to kill insects. We can also call it insecticide. Its juice is also used for laxatives. Leaves are also used for skin.

Tincture Lodine – This is an antiseptic. Helps in healing any type of wounds.

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Zalim Lotion Uses /  Correct way to use Zalim Lotion

  • It can be used anytime. I am speaking this from my experience.
  • First of all, wherever you have to use the lotion, clean that area a little.
  • Now you have to take some cotton, which we have to lightly soak with Zaalim lotion and apply on the fungal area.
  • As soon as you apply it, there will be a burning sensation.
  • After this you have to clean your hands thoroughly.
  • But one thing to keep in mind is that wherever there is fungus, you should not cover it with any cloth.
  • Do not use Zalim lotion after the fungus is cured.

    Zalim Lotion Uses – (According to official website)

    Zalim Lotion Side Effects

    Jalim Lotion Side Effects In Hindi

    • Skin Thinning [त्वचा पतली होना]
    • Darkening Of Skin [त्वचा का काला होना]
    • Skin Dryness [त्वचा का रूखापन]
    • Skin Scar [त्वचा पर निशान  होना]
    • Face Black [चेहरा काला होना]
    • Skin Rash [त्वचा का जालना ]
    • Headache [सिर दर्द]

    Precautions while using Jalim Losan

    • Before using it, clean the fungal area thoroughly. If it is wet, let it dry.
    • Apply Zalim lotion only where there is fungal infection.
    • Do not use hands. Use clean cotton.
    • After you have applied the Jalim lotion, wash your hands with soap.
    • Keep little ones away from harsh lotions.
    • Be sure to consult a doctor.

    Zalim Lotion FAQ

    1. Is Jalim Lotion legal in India?

    Ans – Ha, why no, Zalim Lotion is absolutely legal in India.

    2. Can Zalim Lotion cure 1/2 months old ringworm [Fungal] problem?

    Ans -However, Zalim Lotion cures new fungal infections quickly. But this is my personal experience. It proves to be effective even on chronic fungal infections.

    3. How long can it take to heal with Zalim Lotion?

    Ans -The results of Zalim Lotion start appearing within 48 hours.

    4. Is it safe to apply Zalim Lotion by hand?

    Ans – No, never, ever touch the cruel lotion.

    5. Is Zalim Lotion an Ayurvedic Product?

    Ans – No, Jalim Lotion is not an Ayurvedic product. Chemicals have been used to make it which we have mentioned in the above article.

    6. What is the official website of Zalim Lotion?

    Ans – (Google Search के अनुसार)

    7. Zalim Lotion Company Address ?

    Ans – ORIENTAL CHEMICAL WORKS, Opposite Railway Station, Rao, Indore, M.P.(India)

    8. Jalim Loshan Official Email Id ?

    Ans –

    9. Zalim Lotion (Oriental Chemical Works) के Contact Number ?

    Ans – +9329791558 / +91-9425062415 / +9826046013

    10. How to buy Jalim Lotion?

    Ans – Can buy from any medical store in the market. You can also buy online.

    11. Zalim Lotion Price ?

    Ans – Rs. 25.00 (Official Website के अनुसार )


    Disclaimer – Friends, Share2.Xyz Do not sell this product. We have written this article only for information. Use Jalim Losan only at your discretion. We would advise that no medicine should be used without doctor’s advice. Share2.Xyz is not responsible in any way for any side effects or harm caused by Zalim Lotion if you use it.

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