How To Earn Money Sitting At Home In Hindi – 7 Ideas Earn Money

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you that today’s blogger is for all those students who have Chull within them. Those who have the desire to do something and do not want to waste their extra time. Rather, if you want to utilize your time, you want to gain experience along with studies, you want to become something, you want to earn money sitting at home.I made a list which is about 10 such options. Through which students can earn sitting at home but I am sharing only 5 options with you because I want that the student should not waste his time so that the student can benefit.

You want that by the time your studies are over, there should be a balance in your account. You should have the experience of doing something, only then you can do something. If you want, you can also get a good job. So, out of these 5 options, you will choose only those options which are useful to you today and will be useful in future also. Let’s start today’s blog and tell you what are the ideas to earn money sitting at home.



Freelancing is a very good career point. Earning money sitting at home means that you are not tied up to any company, you are not an employee of any company, people approach you. Gives you work and gives you money. Freelancing industry is going to be worth 20 to 35 billion dollars by 2025. You just think about the scope, now its demand will increase a lot and in the coming time you can create your future. Because many companies want to save money and want to invest.

Because secondly his expenses, his laptop, his seat cost, his office are the cheapest. To do FREELANCING, one should have experience along with knowledge in the app. You should know what I can do freelancing for. You should find out which such services are there. Where you are perfect. You should work in the same skill. You can also watch YouTube to know more about freelancing.


Virtual Assistant means that you are assisting someone through the Internet via phone while sitting at home. Know about this option. , Find out what a virtual assistant is. Many companies need an assistant. Which can handle their management and which can keep their data safe.

Virtual assistant is not only for job. There is a lot to learn in this because the person with whom you are talking gives you so much knowledge. He shares so many experiences with you. Therefore, Virtual Assistant is the best option to earn money sitting at home. You can also watch it on YouTube to know more about it.


If you have interest in reading and writing. So, by starting online tuitions, you can earn good income and take your career forward. Let me also tell you that in the last five years, online tuitions have increased by 319 billion + dollars. During the time of lockdown, people have increased this It has been accepted more and its demand will increase a lot in the coming time also. Therefore, if you are thinking of earning money sitting at home then online tuition is the best career option for you.


You can become a video influencer. Videos are growing a lot in India and their demand will increase even more in the coming time. Because our population is more, mobile phones are growing faster, internet is growing faster in our country than in the world. It is the cheapest, hence the demand market for video is high.| You must have noticed that everyone likes to watch videos instead of reading something, everyone likes its content better. , Therefore, you can make your career in this field also.


You can also start your career from YouTube. If you have knowledge or experience of anything then you can tell people about it. As a teacher, you can teach people by making videos. Or you can advise people about what you have more knowledge about.

To become a best YouTuber, you will have to work very hard, you will have to rule the hearts of people.
You have to make such a video that people like and more and more people watch our video.
If you have interest in IPL then you can make your career by making IPL videos.


You can also make your career in blogging. If you like to write, you have interest in writing then you can start blogging. The first thing is that you do not have to invest any money and it is very simple. Just as you like to write, people also like to read. In blogging, you choose a topic and within it, share such things about which people know and about which people like to read or take knowledge.

If you have computer knowledge or any other knowledge, then you can tell people about what it is and how it happens. You can earn a good amount of money from blogging. The more people see, the more money you will get. With this, if you have interest in writing then you can start blogging.


You can also make your career in affiliate marketing
Affiliate Marketing like Amazon, Flipart, Club Factory and many other big sites want to sell their products, hence they give us products to save money and give us some commission on it, this is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing depends on how far your reach is. You can promote your products to people on social sites because logos only mean products. They don’t care who gives it.

The more products you sell, that is, the more products you sell, the more commission you will start getting. You can make your career through affiliate marketing not only in the present but also in the future. Therefore, affiliate marketing is the best career option to know more about earning money from home. You can also search YouTube page.

In Short 

I hope you have liked these ideas of mine (HOW TO EARN MONEY). If you do not know about any idea, then you can tell me by commenting. If you work on the ideas given by me, then your career will be good. Will be ready as a career. I always tell about those things which I use myself. Share this blog of mine as much as possible and tell people about these ideas.

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