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How to increase like on Instagram updated Trick – Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how to increase like on Instagram. As you know, who does not use Instagram in today’s era. Big celebrities also use Instagram.

I think most of the people using mobile phones in the world use Instagram. Currently, there are approximately 1 billion + Instagram users in the world. Today, Instagram has become the largest platform. Before Instagram, Facebook was the largest platform. You know, Instagram is a part of Facebook. Initially Instagram and Facebook were separate, later Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram.

How to increase likes on Instagram 2024

If seen, there are many tricks available on Google to increase likes as well as comments on Instagram. On the internet you will find many such websites which tell you how to increase likes on Instagram. This type of websites increases your likes and comments. These likes and comments on Instagram will reduce in a few days. In the end your followers will remain the same or around that. Due to websites, there is a risk of your Instagram account being hacked. Your entire account data can be stolen. Such people can also delete your Insta account by taking your email from Instagram.

Through this blog, we will tell you some useful tricks which hardly anyone would have ever told you. There are many ways to increase likes and comments on Instagram. But many times people do not know how to improve likes on Instagram. In today’s post, we are going to introduce you to all those things. Which will come at the time of increase in likes and comments on our Instagram.

One special thing is that if you pay someone to do this, then with his help you will increase the likes and comments, but just think about why a person who does not even know you would like you. Therefore, we just want to say that it would be better if you do not use such useless tricks. You should always adopt the real method.

Easy ways to increase likes on Instagram

First of all you have to edit your Instagram profile picture and upload it. But that photo should not include any other person other than you. Your face should be clearly visible in that photo. The reason for this is that people will like and comment on you only after seeing your face.

If you want to make an Instagram post viral or make any post viral, hashtags have the most importance. So don’t forget to add your hashtag. Use hashtags of as many celebrities as possible so that those who tag them tag you too. If you upload a photo, make sure to include hashtags related to it. If someone searches that hashtag then your photo will appear in the search list.

If we want to increase likes and comments in a better way, then we have to pay full attention to what is trending right now. Because people mostly watch trending videos and photos related to them. This will be beneficial as your post will also go trending. Your new followers will start coming. Due to which likes will also increase.

People who visit your Instagram account not only view your Instagram profile but also check your bio. Because your personality is revealed only by your bio. Therefore, you should keep your bio such that as soon as you open your profile, you feel like following it. Do not copy anyone’s bio. Write from your heart, keep in mind that the bio should not be too long, it should contain only special things.

How to increase likes on Instagram

Make sure to post one post daily on your Instagram account so that you can show your personality to people. The visitor should also get proof of your being active. Therefore, post different types of posts every day which are trending now, along with your likes and comments, followers will also start coming.

People like celebrities, although it is not a new thing that people like celebrities. He will like that one. But if you have a new Instagram account, then you should like only ordinary people so that when your like request goes to them, that person will like you back, meaning they will also like your photo.

According to research, most people come online on Instagram at night. In such a situation, you should post at the same time when people are more active. In such a situation your publicity will increase. You will get more and more likes and comments.

If you have a YouTube channel or a personal website, then you can ask people to like and comment there also. In such a situation you will be praised. By which people will know about you, hence you should keep such things in special mind.

Keep your Instagram linked with Facebook so that all your friends can find you on Instagram. You can also tell them about your Instagram account. So that they can follow you there also.

How to increase like on Instagram with the help of website

As you know that there are ways to increase likes and comments on the internet, one of which is to increase likes and comments with the help of a website, these will also be your real likes. If you want to increase comments to help the website. So first of all you have to open Google Chrome or any browser in your mobile. After opening it, you will have to type the URL of a website in that browser. After opening it, a page will open in front of you, in which you will have to apply the terms and conditions. Meaning, first of all it will ask you for permission. After giving permission, you will have to click on the option of Get Like. Now you will have to enter 50 likes and your likes and comments will start coming in half an hour.

Note – Use this website at your discretion. Our website will not be responsible for any errors or losses. Because this is not our website.

At the end –

Hope you have liked these tips and tricks of mine (How to improve Instagram par). Now you must have known how to increase likes and comments on Instagram. This is the new way of 2024 to increase likes and comments. If you always want your Instagram account to be absolutely safe, then you will adopt these methods, you will know in 10 days that your Instagram ID is growing. If you face any problem in increasing followers on Instagram, then you can tell me in the comments. You can tell that I will definitely give you the solution to your problem.

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