What is digital marketing, types, benefits of digital marketing

Hello friends, I am Deeps going to tell you what digital marketing is. What do we have to do in digital marketing? In today’s era, everything has become online. Everyone has become online. There is only one internet in this world of ours. Which has made our life better. Due to which we have got many benefits. We can enjoy these facilities with the help of laptop, mobile and many other electric appliances.

Recharges, Ticket Booking, Electric Bill, Online Shopping, Online Transactions and many more facilities are available to us through internet.

Therefore, to take advantage of these facilities of the Internet, people are adopting digital marketing. If we look at the online world, about 80% people search every item online before going to a shop. If the item is good then buy it online. That’s why most of the business men are adopting this platform. Focusing on my career. If you want, you can also make your career in this field.

What is Digital Marketing in Hindi ?

If seen here, digital marketing is made up of two words, first digital and second marketing. Here digital means internet. Marketing means advertising. What I mean to say is that companies sell their products by showing advertisements through digital marketing.

In today’s era, most people are using digital marketing. People should completely reduce the use of off-line marketing because online marketing proves to be more effective.

Marketing your goods and services through digital medium is called digital marketing. One special thing is digital marketing is done through the internet. It is never offline. We can engage in digital marketing through computer, mobile, laptop and website advertisement.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are many types of digital marketing. Today I am going to tell you about those types which are main. If you are perfect in any one of these types then you can make a better career in digital marketing. So let us tell you Types of Digital Marketing.

Following are the types of digital marketing-

1. Affiliate Marketing 

2. Email Marketing 

3. Content Marketing 

4. Social Media Marketing 

5. SEO    (Search Engine Marketing )

6. SEO    (Search Engine Optimization )

7. YouTube Channel  8. Apps Marketing   

8. Apps Marketing             

These are some important types of digital marketing. Which are also used for online marketing, these types contribute the most in digital marketing.

How to do digital marketing

If you want to do digital marketing then I will tell you two ways of digital marketing, the first way is online digital marketing course and the second way is offline digital marketing course. With the help of these two methods you can learn digital marketing.

1. How to do online digital marketing course.

You can learn digital marketing even while staying at home. If you want to learn digital marketing then you must have a laptop or Android mobile. Digital Marketing is to be learned online. So you should have one of these two things, although nowadays Android mobile phones are available in every house. There will be no problem in this. Now I will tell you a website from which you can do online digital marketing. That too with a certificate.

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Google Digital Unlocked 

You can learn digital marketing by visiting this website. This website has been prepared by Google itself, you just have to register on this website. Then your classes will start.

2. How to do offline digital marketing course.

If you want to do offline digital marketing, then first of all you have to find that college or center near you. Where digital marketing is taught. Well, there are many colleges of digital marketing. But you should always take admission in a private college because only there everything is explained in detail. Then you have to submit your documents and fees in that college. Later your admission will be done. You will be taught digital marketing.

When was digital marketing first used?

An attempt was made to establish digital marketing in 1980. But he failed. Then later in 1990, digital marketing was established. Earlier it was not so popular and people had no interest in digital marketing at all. But in today’s era, digital marketing has become the biggest digital platform and people are more and more interested in digital things. Digital marketing is a way to reach new customers. Because of this, people are earning a good amount today.

Why should do digital marketing

Now there is only one thing in our mind that why should we do digital marketing, so let me tell you that in today’s era, there is so much convenience of digital things. People do not want to do any work offline, everyone wants to work online. In such circumstances, digital marketing is the best field. Today everyone has so many means of getting information.We can complete any task anywhere. Nowadays consumers are not listening to the company but they themselves are identifying good and bad. Nowadays people trust such brands which are trustworthy and which can get their work done.

Benefits of digital marketing

  1. Our time is saved because of digital marketing.
  2. Our money is saved because of digital marketing
  3. Due to digital marketing, effectiveness increases.
  4. Due to digital marketing, buyers and sellers meet easily.

How much will digital marketing demand in the future ?

You must have seen that due to digital marketing, a lot of changes are taking place in the last few years. The reason for all these changes is this. There was a time when all the goods were sold through barter but in today’s era every thing is sold through the internet. If we look at it, Internet itself works to connect the world with each other. Which was impossible in previous times.  Internet is the only such medium. Due to which good harmony can be created among the customers through regular conversation. As far as digital marketing is concerned in the future, this field will become so popular that everyone will want to come into this field. Its demand is very high in the market and will remain so in future also.

I know you will not believe it, but there are people doing digital marketing who are earning Rs 5 lakh per month. More than this, if you also want to make your career then you can join this field.

At the end

Hope you liked this article of mine (What is Digital Marketing). If you have any question related to digital marketing, you can tell me by commenting, I will solve your every problem.

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